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Security Policy

Personal Information

In order to work favourably, strictly managing information currently being held by CUSC is very important and indispensable. Therefore, the first and foremost responsibility of each member, from leadership to employees, is grasping the content of security policy and actively secure information. In order to protect information, each employee’s role and duty are devided as following.

1. Department Manager

    - Making effort to increase awareness of subbordinates relating to information security, information security management in daily tasks.

    - Supporting, monitoring inferiors so that they can fulfill their duties according to the mechanism of information security management.

2. Employees

    - Understand the importance of information security and abide by the policy.

    - Be self-aware of roles and responsibilities of self within machenism of information security management and guarantee.

   - Before starting to work as an employee of CUSC, each person is required to sign an undertaking committing to obey and implement the information security policy.

    - Disciplinary measures will be imposed depending on the level of seriousness if there is any type of infringement of employees.


Information security

In the thought and conception that protecting confidential data of clients is a socially important duty, CUSC has proposed basic precepts aiming to utilize personal information reasonably.

    - As an enterprise working in the field of IT, we are aware of the importance of information security and thus we strictly manage and obey ISO 9001:2008.

    - While utilizing clients’ information (including not performing personal information-related behaviours beyond the necessary scope due to use purpose which is exceptionally assigned), CUSC always has appropriate management solutions, and all employees are prohibited to reveal or provide those information for third parties without permission of clients.

    - In terms of risks related to information security (illegal access, information loss, destruction, counterfeit, security leak, etc), CUSC always has strict measures to prevent. In case the problems are unexpectly arised, CUSC is committed to cope with them promptly and accurately.

    - Obey decree-law about personal information security and other norms according to government direction.

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